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Little Ones' Big Ideas Home Day Care is dedicated to providing quality child care that supports the overall development of young children aged 0-4. The day care is located in the family home of the child care provider and Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Cynthia Patterson*. The home environment allows children to feel comfortable and relaxed while having access to the equipment and materials to explore and play in a meaningful way. The home is sandwiched between a front and back lawn, providing convenient outdoor play areas. There are also numerous parks within walking distance where the group ventures to daily (except in cases of severe weather).
*Resume & references available upon request and provided at time of interview/initial meeting.

Keeping cool with water play at a splash pad (above)
Experiencing the beauty of nature with all our senses (right)
The meals at Little Ones' Big Ideas are made using predominantly fresh, organic whole-foods. The children are served a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack during a full day in care. Each meal provides a combination of food groups to maximize the absorption of nutrients to allow the children to thrive in their play and learning. Instead of juices, real fruit is served. Water is served with snacks, and organic (homogenized/whole, 2%, or soy) milk is offered at lunch.
Special diets can often be catered to (eg: gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian).
Weekly menus for the week ahead are emailed to families every Sunday.


Organic Yogurt, Fresh Strawberries, Homemade 
French Toast Strips with Maple Syrup (top left)
                                                                         Homemade Tuna Fish Cakes w/ Quinoa                                                                            Salad(top right)
Homemade Mini-Quiche (mid-left)
                                                                         Fresh Organic Pineapple (mid-right) 
Soba Noodles with Tofu and Mushroom (bottom left) 
                                                                         Plate Face made with Hard Boiled                                                                 Organic Free Range Egg, Ham, Cherry Tomato,                                                                and Avocado (bottom right)

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